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Briscoe De Valls
Defender of House Le Fleur
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We love Briscoe De Valls!

"Briscoe De Valls was an intimidating presence to say the least. With his resounding confidence and polished charisma, he could charm almost any room he pleased. At 6' 2" of well cherished girth, a clean bald head and manicured goatee, the olive complexion apart, Briscoe De Valls was intimidating to some and inspiring to others. He sat at the head of the conference room table dressed impeccably in a dark blue pinstriped Tom Ford suit, burgundy power tie, and diamond cufflinks. Although Briscoe preferred not to wear suits he did so when necessary."

Paladin "Briscoe De Valls Defender of House Le Fleur"
Unravel the Mysterious Disappearance of Mr. Le Fleur with Briscoe De Valls, a world-renowned private eye.

When the head of the Le Fleur family is kidnapped and murdered, Briscoe De Valls is the only one who can unravel the mystery rooted in a historic feud between the two families. Follow him on his exciting journey as he uncovers long-buried secrets and a web of lies and deception.

This incredible story of courage and justice will leave you wanting more. Can Briscoe bring the perpetrators to justice and finally put an end to the feud? Read Paladin "Briscoe De Valls" Defender of House Le Fleur to find out.

Get the first chapter of Paladin "Briscoe De Valls" Defender of House Le Fleur and start your journey to unraveling the mystery TODAY! Discover the thrilling truth about the feud of the ages!

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