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Uncover the Mystery!

Are you ready to join the world-renowned private eye Briscoe De Valls on this thrilling journey to solve a mystery?

Enter the world of Paladin "Briscoe De Valls" Defender of House La Fleur. Follow the story of a gripping feud that began in the late 1800's reigniting the town of New Orleans and pitting two prominent families against each other. When the head of the La Fleur family was kidnapped and murdered, Briscoe De Valls, the handsome and successful private detective, was hired to solve the case.

Join the Journey

Briscoe De Valls is a master of the detective arts and this case requires him to dig deep into the history of two families, uncovering long buried secrets and uncovering a web of lies and deception that has been woven through generations. 

Read Paladin "Briscoe De Valls" Defender of House La Fleur to follow the thrilling story of a detective uncovering a conspiracy and find out what happens next. Experience the exciting adventure of Briscoe De Valls and the La Fleur family.

This book is sure to captivate and engage readers of all ages with its intriguing plot, mysterious characters, and intriguing secrets, Paladin "Briscoe De Valls" Defender of House La Fleur will leave you wanting more. Learn how he uncovers the truth and solves the mystery of what happened to Mr. La Fleur.

Unlock the mystery of Paladin "Briscoe De Valls" Defender of House La Fleur! Available  NOW!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience a gripping detective story full of action and suspense.

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