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Briscoe De Valls
Defender of House La Fleur

"The land know as the Valley of Stories, is region both beautiful in its nature, with its awe-inspiring vistas, yet subtle in its action as its population once included Mrs. Rosa Ramos, wife of Roberto Ramos and Mother to Miguel Ramos."

-DaVon & Greene

Laredo Nuevo

The Debut Novel of Davon & Greene

A suspenseful thriller that will have you sitting the edge of your seat!

A novel about the infamous Los Zenetas cartel. A cartel that has become a dominant player in America's drug game.

Follow the story of Miguel Ramos on his journey to find the man who killed his father and Los Zenetas most ruthless assassin. Once you start you won't be able to put down this intriguing read. 

Grab your copy today so you can find out why everyone is asking who is Ernesto Acosta?

The twin cities of Laredo can stand as a beacon of wealth for some and a cauldron of despair to others. Ernesto Acosta, Los Zenetas top sicario, is currently caught somewhere in between.

Acosta's early years were rife with pitfalls, from the death of his mother to the constant school problems. Even after his father was murdered, the streets became his refuge. An escape from his aunt's clutches. Ernesto found his calling early in life, willing to fight anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Why not, he was good at it, making sure whoever he fought never wanted to fight him again.

His second calling was his willingness to learn, to adapt; taking tutelage from the drug gangs that ravaged the nation. He quickly adapted to the brutality that the cartels unleashed on a daily basis, inflicting new and innovative acts of terror on Los Zenetas enemies while expanding the legend of Ernesto Acosta. Somewhere along the way the complications start to mount. 

Navigate the treacherous minefield of the Mexican drug cartels-now with the Epic Battle of Los Zenetas. Follow Miguel Ramos and Marcus Collins as they fight against the notorious Los Zenetas cartel in the gripping tale of Laredo Nuevo "Twin Cities Rise of Acosta.: Experience an immersive adventure full of twists and turns as Miguel Ramos and Marcus Collins battle against the cartel in a world of danger, violence, and despair. With the help of Ernesto Acosta, their assassin, the tow must out with and outmaneuver their ruthless rivals in order to survive.

Gain insights into the inner working of the cartel and discover what fate awaits Miguel Ramos, Marcus Collines, and Ernesto Acosta. Uncover the secrets of Los Zenetas and their rivals as you delve into this thrilling story of revenge and redemption. 

Get ready for a heart-pounding journey- purchase Laredo Nuevo "Twin Cities" Rise of Acosta NOW, for an UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE! Will Ernesto Acosta survive or will he be just another criminal whose time ran out?

Who the hell is DaVon & Greene?
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